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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


“I came to Dr. Michael Brooks’s practice in need of major restorative dental work. For years, I had watched my teeth and smile deteriorate. In Dr. Brooks’s office, I found a friendly and professional reception, a deep understanding of my concerns, and a comprehensive plan for restorative work. The resulting experience was more rewarding than I could have hoped for. The procedures needed were extensive, but I was comfortable throughout. Dr. Brooks’s meticulous approach to this project resulted in the restoration of my smile and a boost to my self-confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Brooks and his staff to anyone needing restorative treatment.” — Margaret Steen

“Must say I’ve enjoyed my experience with Dr. Brooks. My smile is ‘perfect’ for the first time. My husband called me beautiful. And I could see he meant it as well. Thanks a ton!” – Vonda Gesaman

“Dr. Brooks and his staff have been awesome. Very professional and knowledgeable in the process of giving me a new smile and the ability to eat all the food items I have missed! Thank you, especially Tori and Sherri.” — Kevin L.

“I highly recommend Dr. Michael Brooks for any prosthodontic or extensive dental work. He is extremely competent and yet gentle. He is very concerned with each patient and is easy to talk to. I am very pleased with my results.” — Patricia Jensen

“I went to Dr. Brooks for a full replacement of teeth. The staff was so helpful and responsive to my needs. I’m so happy at the results. I feel like a completely new person!” Susie Dunn

“Because I am a logger, I have been in several accidents which caused me to lose most of my teeth. I could have had dentures but when I saw people who had them, they didn’t look real, so I waited. As the years went by, the few teeth I had were getting weaker, and not having teeth made me embarrassed to be out in the public. I was even embarrassed to be around my own family. But then finally my family dentist referred me to Dr. Brooks and my life has changed from the first day I met him. He made me comfortable and told me he could give me back the smile I lost a long time ago. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend implants over dentures always. I now have the confidence to smile and talk with anyone and everyone. You have one life and while I am here I am going to enjoy it by smiling, happy and with confidence and not be embarrassed to smile.” — Scott Hill